A Lady’s Guide to Jackhammers & Other Power Tools

Caitlin Taylor
6 min readApr 21, 2021

I always thought that changing your own oil was a normal part of owning a car. Then I moved to California and discovered that this is, in fact, weird.

Image by c_badeja via Pixabay

Power tools are super fun. They offer you the keys to self-sufficiency. If your car doesn’t start, you can figure it out. If your idiot dog slams his butt into the wall while doing zoomies in the house, you can fix the drywall dent. (Dog is fine.) If the plug on your new super-discounted humidifier doesn’t fit quite right, you can take it apart, fix it, then put it back together. You’ll be annoyed about it, but you’ll also realize why it was super discounted in the first place.

Power tools do not care what your biological sex or preferred gender is. They just want to be helpful — unless you’re left-handed, then you’re 100% SOL.

But you’re a lady. The only thing you need to make using power tools ladylike is to wear pearls.

Of course, don’t wear your real pearls when using the jackhammer. The string will get dirty. Fake ones are a good substitute here, and nobody will know.

While sometimes silly, this is meant to be a helpful guide on getting started with your power tool adventures to build and fix the things you want in your life. For example, I wanted a big wooden flowerbox. I didn’t see any I liked at the store, so I built one. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Jackhammers are not as heavy as they look. You’ll lay it on its side to choose the bit you want — most come with a pointy one and a chisel-looking one. For my cement-like clay yard, I opt for the chisel.

Getting started with your power tool adventures doesn’t require much:

  • Socket set
  • Screwdriver set
  • WD-40
  • Duct tape

Once you get tired of the screwdrivers, buy a power drill. The power drill becomes your new BFF.

You can fix almost anything with the above. It also opens up other avenues. See something fabulous on Pinterest that they’re overcharging for? Build it yourself.

When using your jackhammer, start with one spot. Run it until the bit goes down several inches, then wiggle it to make sure everything is



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